Sparkling Wines

California Brut      $18.95

This sparkling wine is a great start to any party. Crispy with a hint of fruit, plenty of sparkles to excite your tongue. Enjoy as an aperitif or with lighter style foods such as seafood, dips, creamy pastas, and don’t forget dessert.

Peach      $18.95

Let the bubbles tickle your tongue with the sweet taste of a fresh picked peach. Smile as it glides down, feeling fuzzy all the way down. This sparkling wine goes great as an aperitif to “Get This Party Started.” Enjoy with friends and family any time of the year. Remember…to celebrate! Cheers!

Raspberry      $18.95

This Raspberry Sparkling is a great anytime celebration wine. Get your friends together just because and enjoy the fresh fruity taste of raspberry. Enjoy summertime all year long. Goes great with fruit salad. Drop some raspberries in your glass and enjoy the view!

Strawberry       $18.95

2021 Silver Medal Bay Area Wine Competition

This Strawberry Sparkling is a great anytime celebration wine. Crisp sparkling wine infused with flavors of ripe strawberries. Lightly fruity with a nice, natural berry finish, this wine is perfect for celebrations and sunny afternoons.

Almond       $18.95

2021 Silver Medal Bay Area Wine Competition

When you taste this, Amaretto may come to mind. This light, nutty, and very refreshing sparkling wine is great any time. Try it blended with some orange juice “for a healthy part of your nutritious breakfast.” Goes great with coconut macaroons. Try it, you’ll like it.


Chardonnay      $18.95

This crisp, slightly citrus with a woody finish 2018 Chardonnay is perfect for those late afternoons on the deck enjoying our blessings!

Sauvignon Blanc      $18.95

This 2019 Sauvignon Blanc is very light and refreshing with aromatics of tropical fruit and herbs. Served best with dishes such as salads or fish.

Dry Rose      $18.95

This dry Rose from Livermore is fruit forward and soft on the pallet with just a tinge of sweet. A great summer blush that goes well with a nice spinach pear salad or by itself while sitting in the porch enjoying the day!

Scherzando      $18.95

Scherzando is a musical term meaning “playful.” With fresh floral and fruity aroma this wine pairs with foods from spicy Thai to light fish and chicken dishes. Scherzando is made with 2021 Symphony grapes from Lodi, a varietal created here in CA at Davis in 1981, with just a kiss of Muscat Canelli that makes it playfully sweet.

Dolce – Muscat Canelli      $18.95

The musical term for this wine, Dolce, means sweetly, softly. Aromas of fresh sweet peaches excite your nose. Then, take a sip…aahhh, sweetly and softly the fruit fills your mouth and puts a smile on your face.. This wine goes great chilled on a warm summer evening, after a hot day with grilled fish, peach gelato, or pound cake covered with fresh berries.


Harmony       $19.95

2021 Bronze Medal Alameda County Wine Competition

This year’s Harmony is a blend of Cabernet, Sirah, and Old Vine Zinfandel with great berry notes and a hint of soft spice. This wine will pair well with steak, filet mignon, or any BBQ rib recipe

Teroldego $21.95

The Singing Winemakers first Italian red with origins in northern Italy! This wine has hints of cherry/blackberry on the nose with a medium body, peppery front end and a warm berry finish that would go great with BBQ or a good ribeye steak!

Old Vine Zinfandel      $20.95

These 2017 Livermore grapes gave us a medium-body, blackberry-woodish nose with a velvety cherry-chocolate body and the traditional bit of pepper on the finish!

Tempranillo       $21.95

With a slightly smoky nose with hints of blueberry and plum, this full body wine has a rich, fruity body with just a bit of spice on the finish. This opulent and velvety wine is truly enjoyable by itself and it pairs well with your favorite red meat!

Primitivo 2021 Bronze Medal Alameda County Wine Competition      $20.95

This Livermore wine starts with hints of plum or cherry on the nose with a medium-dry dark-plum body with a bit slight bit of oak and spice on the finish. A great wine to enjoy with smoked cheeses and chocolate!


Karen’s Kisses 2021 Best of Show Medal Alameda County Wine Competition      $21.95 (375ml)

As sweet as a kiss from my lovely wife Karen, this tawny port is smooth, silky, and just sweet enough.
Its flavors flow across the mouth and are pleasant on the palate with no traditional Port bite. It is great after dinner with chocolate or in a chocolate cup as dessert.

Ruby Port      $21.95 (375ml)

Produced from authentic Portuguese grape varietals, blended and flavored carefully with the very best natural extracts and essences. With a smooth tantalizing berry flavor, almost everybody that tastes this wine sums it up in one word: “WOW!”

Chocolate 2021 Bronze Medal Alameda County Wine Competition      $22.95 (375ml)

A fabulous blend of full bodied, premium Ruby ports with deep and complex structure coupled with the very essence of fresh natural chocolate! Try it paired with our dark Belgium chocolate cordial cups for an “over-the-top” palatial experience.

Try Chocolate Port, Karen’s Kisses or Ruby Port in a chocolate cup for $2.00.

Try our In-House special blends……
Panty Dropper- Almond Sparkling and Chocolate Port
Girls Just Wanna…- Peach Sparkling and Sherzando
Fuzzy Nuts- Peach Sparkling and Almond Sparkling

Tastings are $15.00 per person. $5.00 off a bottle with purchase of a tasting.
Try a Glass of Mimosa, Strawberries & Cream, Peaches & Cream, or any White $8/glass
Glass of any Red wine $9/glass